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Day 24

On the move again

sunny 27 °C

Day 24 - July 7.: The plane to Bangkok didn't leave until late in the evening, but we chose to take the bus to the airport at noon anyway.

HK International Airport is fairly comfortable and we'd had enough of walking the streets so better spend the time window-shopping and relaxing on the airport instead.

We also managed to bump into an english couple, from the Intrepid group, who also left that day.

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Day 23

Hong Kong

sunny 28 °C

Day 23 - July 6.: Starting early we went to Hong Kong island taking the ferry. You can take the metro too, but the ferry is better I think - giving you the whole sight. Pretty cheap too.

Before we left Kowloon we had breakfast at McDonalds (yeah, I know!) one of the cheaper places to eat in HK. They have breakfast menus there even though there isn't much that tempts me. The breakfast pancaces isn't much to recommend at least.

The first place we came across after exiting the ferry terminal was the public library. We went in for a quick look and ended up spending a couple of hours there - free internet :)

Quick tip: don't go to the regular library, they have only 4 computers and you have to sign up on a list and wait. Instead; go directly to the fifth floor where the library of law is. More computers and no queue. There's a limit of one hour per person per day on both places.

Before we left we ordered our diving course (PADI Open Water) in Kho Tao, Thailand.

We then went on to explore the rest of the northern shore of HK, mainly Soho. We went to five or six bookstores looking for the second bok in a series I'm reading (George R. R. Marin: A Song of Ice And Fire) but we couldn't find it anywhere. It wasn't until I have given up and we walked into this small book/magazie shop in Soho that I found it. Conclusion: finding good english books in HK is not easy. Somehow I'm glad I don't live there ;)

By then we were pretty tired after all the walking so we took the ferry back to Kowloon and our lovely, little hostel.

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Day 22

Now the real back-packing begins

sunny 31 °C

Day 22 - July 5.: West Hotel waqs quite expensive so first on the agenda was to fins a new place to stay for the last two nights in Hong Kong.

We ended up at "Travellers Hostel" in the Chungking Mansions building. The hostel (and the whole building for that matter) was quite shabby, but more important: cheap! The dorm-0rooms was actually both cheaper and better looking than the double room in addition to having ac.

Window shopping was also something we spent a bit of time doing; checking prices on cell-phones and sony PSP's. Buying a cell-phone in China or Hong Kong may not be a good idea since they often have different model numbers on their phones than we have in Europe. This is because they use the CDMA system instead of GSM.

In the evening we went to see the light show displaying across the water between Kowloon and Hong Kong island. Thay had linked up the lights and neon-signs on a major part of the large buildings so that they blinked in sync to the music. Pretty cool :) There was also a water/light show with fountains which started a bit later. Here they projected video and images on a water curtain in addition to high powered fountains. This one was even better than the first show.

We also got time to visit the Hong Kong space museum which was free on that weekday. The exhibition was pretty standard "museum" but it was interesting and good to to something new.

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Day 21

Arriving in Hong Kong

sunny 30 °C

Day 21 - July 4.: Getting through immigrations in Schenzen and then into Hong Kong was fairly easy and we were soon at our hotel "West Hotel". We had the afternoon free before we met the entire group for the final dinner to celebrate the end of our trip together.

The dinner was at a local chinese restaurant where we sat at the side of the street. In total we had about 12 courses which we shared. That's something I'm going to miss about China: the way you get to sample a whole bunch of different dishes at one seating.

We had a really good time and the sudden rain (cats and dogs) only added to that.

Afterwords we went to an irish pub where we continued the party. The prices in Hong Kong are quite high. A pint of Kilkenny cost as much as HK$60 which is almost as much as in Norway.

Anyway, M. drank a bit too much, or more likely: mixed the wrong things, so she got sick quite suddenly. I found it best to get her back to the hotel and we had to leave the others to their partying (which had become quite lively by then).

Taking a taxi got us back to the hotel fast enough, but not fast enough to avoid M. puking out of the window. I don't think the taxi driver liked that much even though he didn't say anything. I chose to tip him a bit extra anyway ;)

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Day 20

On the move again

sunny 29 °C

Day 20 - July 3.: The walk down (!) to the bus was only 20 minutes and I say it again: downhill! We took two buses to get back to guilin where we got our luggage and boarded the train to Shenzen. 16 hours this time and our last train-ride in mainland China.

Even less to say about this train-ride compared to the last one. Maybe we've been travelling to much ;)

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