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The first days

Welcome to China

sunny 30 °C

Day 1 - June 14.: We left from Gardermoen at 11:55 which was on time and a good start. The two hour flight with British Airways went smoothly and we landed on Heathrow a little ahead of the schedule. Even though we had to change terminals we still had about 4 hours to wait before we could board the Cathai flight to Hong Kong. Having been to Heathrow before there wasn't too much to see and do so we spent most of the time relaxing and reading.

"We" are me and my good friend Marthe. We wanted to do a trip together last year but things came up as they tend to do...

Day 2 - June 15.: Somewhere over Russia. Landed in Hong Kong at 15:15 local time and after 1 hour 50 minutes we boarded the last flight (3 hours) up to Beijing. This too was a Cathai Airlines flight and all in all I'm pretty happy with them as they have good service and, enough room for my (long) legs in addition to a pretty decent inflight entertainment program. On the other hand you wouldn't expect them to be any less as they were named "Airline of the year 2006".

When we landed in Beijing we had been airborne for a total of 17.5 hours so we were pretty tired when we finally got our luggage and found our Intrepid transportation.

After som confusion and straightening out of our non-english speaking driver we finally arrived at our hotel around 20:00 in the evening.

Day 3 - June 16.: We got up at 9:30 in the morning, which really is like 3:30 back in Norway because of the 6 hour time-difference. To get a feel for the city we started with a walk around the block. Actually; we managed a small walk the previous night to get some bread and water, but when it's all dark it's hard to really get a good overview.

The neighborhood around our hotel (Weng Chei Mien Hotel) was quite nice so we just wandered around for a couple of hours. When we got back the cleaning people was doing our room so we took our lunch out in the hallway. That's were Nicole (our Intrepid guide) found us and informed us of the group meeting at the hotel the same evening.

Because of the jet-lag we were dead-tired so we desided to take a quick nap, but ended up sleeping heavily until we had to go to the information meeting. Good thing we set our alarms ;)

Later; most of of our group together with the group-leader went out to eat at this small place a short distance from or hotel. The food was excellent and the cheap beer (Bejing Beer; 10RMB for 650ml, 1 RMB ~ 1 NOK) got everyone quickly became quite festive obviously ;)

After dinner we went on for a drink on a nearby hostel/bar before we turned in.

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First contact

Finally online

semi-overcast 32 °C

Ok then. After 4 days in Beijing I finally found my way to an internet cafe. Not that they are hard to find, but this was the first opportunity.

Tomorrow morning we travel to The Great Wall for two days of trekkin so that should be interresting :)

This is all I have time for at the moment, just to you guys know that I'm alive ;) More later!

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